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(Featured!) Washable Organic Face Mask with Filter Pocket, 10 Filter Inserts (Optional), Anti-Dust Mask, Flex Nose Wire, Adult or Child Size, 9 Patterns, Made in Korea

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* We are located in South Korea.

* Due to the current ongoing global health crisis, we want to make absolutely sure you understand that we are shipping from South Korea. We are currently only able to ship via Express Mail Service (EMS), which takes about a week from the time we ship to reach their destination under normal circumstances. However, due to current health crisis, shipping times have become unpredictable. Most parcels we have recently shipped have been reaching their destinations in the USA in 7~20 days from the time we ship (which can change, of course), depending on which region the parcel is being shipped to. We ask that our customers keep that in mind, and please expect delays. We understand everyone's urgency. These are difficult days, and we are trying our very best to do our part to help.

Our cotton face masks are getting wonderful reviews. They are very well constructed, and of high quality. We are certain you will like them if you're willing to wait.

We wish you, your families and your communities all the best through these difficult times.

Please see below for item details. Thank you~

* 1 Quantity = You get 1 handmade Organic Cotton Face Mask.
* There are 9 face mask patterns available. Please pick what you like at checkout.
* There is a filter pocket to insert filters. Please see pictures.
* There is a nose wire for better fit and protection.
* Two sizes are available:
- Adult size: 22 cm wide (excluding ear loops) x 15 cm tall (from the lowest to the highest point)
- Child size: 16 cm wide (excluding ear loops) x 11.5 cm tall (from the lowest to the highest point)

* Optional = You can add 10 sheets of filter inserts ($2.65 USD per 10 sheets). Please see details below for more information on the inserts.

<Filter Inserts>
* This is a Polypropylene non-woven fabric usually used for regular disposable face masks. This filter insert does not have virus filtration feature, but every layer counts. This added layer of protection helps keep saliva droplets from escaping into the air.
* Mask is washable. Inserts are not. You throw away insert after use, wash/dry the face mask and insert a new filter.
* Made in Korea. Korea has been fighting with air pollution issues for many years and has developed great mask making capabilities. This fabric is used in the construction of face masks in Korea.

* The outer fabric is 100% cotton fabric.
* The inner fabric (where your skin touches) is soft Organic Cotton Knit fabric.

Stay healthy and safe!


- Our fabric ships from South Korea.
- Please send us a message if you have any questions. :-)
- Colors may look a little different depending on the monitor you are using.

- Important Note: by purchasing this item, you agree that you read and accept our shop policies.

Happy Sewing!

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